Wanderlust Quote Notebooks


PERFECT SIZE FOR SUCCESS – 5.5” x 8.5” & heavy-duty covers & binding make this a durable companion
GREAT FOR ENTREPRENEURS – Great ideas start as sketches; sometimes on a napkin – or a cool Journal
THOUGHTS, IDEAS, HOPES AND DREAMS – The perfect vessel for personal goals and mapping your future.
THE RIGHT PLACE FOR LISTS – Great for grocery lists and all the errands you have throughout the day!
BORING MEETINGS? – 100s of squares on the graph paper to fill in & look like you’re taking notes.
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Are you a visual note taker? Do you often scribble, doodle, or draw your notes? If so, these books are perfect for you. These notebooks encourage a healthy amount of doodling, helping you release your creativity, and empower learning. Maybe you are inspired by traveling, towns with more history than even their brick-lined streets can remember, or architecture that takes one back to another time period. If this is the case, Peace, Wanderlust, Love is your gateway to another century. Do you dream of getting on a boat, and sailing into the moon? Even the crash of white-capped waves couldn’t stop your imagination from sailing away with this Let your dreams set sail notebook. Even the most romantic fantasies sometimes involve trusting your soulmate will find you, even if it’s a non-existent place. Let your mind wander into a new place, where you can find yourself, or your kindred soul. Meet me where the sky touches the sea can feed your lusting creativity, and encourage your compassion to keep dreaming. Are you the adventurous type, who dreams of backpacking in a foreign country? If you dream of going to the airport with nothing but a change of clothes, and taking the first flight out of there to a random destination – our Not all those who wander are lost notebook may be right up your alley. Try finding yourself in this notebook, plan your trips, or make a bucket list of places to visit. What are you waiting for? Sometimes we all need a little inspiration to get us out of the tough times. The darkest nights shine the brightest stars notebook could be all you need to give you that courage to shine through. Remember – you’ve got this. Inspiration is all around us. Why not take advantage of an inspirational notebook, and let your imagination run wild? Let your whimsy dance along the graphed pages, and take notes the way your body and brain want to.

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Sky Touches Sea, Stars, Sneakers, Set Sail, Peace, Love, Wanderlust


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