Coding Notebooks


SMALLER THAN YOUR LAPTOP — ready to hold all your notes, code and doodles in a small, lightweight way
GRAPH PAPER — so you don’t have to worry about always drawing those extra lines, also perfect for drawing
PERFECT GIFT — Computer programmers, geniuses, and engineers alike, for family & friends, or yourself
PUNNY COVERS — Coding puns, guaranteed to make developers laugh, beginners or advanced
CODERS UNITE — When you realize you all have matching notebooks filled with amazing codes & designs

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Did you just code the longest code in history of code? Are you now trying to find all the random sheets of graph paper filled with your notes? With these coding notebooks, that will be a problem no more. Filled with 100 pages of lined graph paper, these punny notebooks will get you through any class or workday. The simple, nerdy covers will put your mind at ease as you open to see your organized (or not) notes. Do you have the most boring and unenthusiastic professor on the face of the earth? Grab your notebook for a good laugh before you dive into your task, or just scribble funky drawings for a bit. If you want to show everyone you are not only a coding genius but also can tell hilarious jokes, then you need this notebook. As soon as you drop this on your desk, everyone will realize you are the most hilarious, pun-tastic problem-solver this side of the nut house. With four different covers, you can choose what you feel is your best coding pick-up line. Or, buy all four so you have a constant rotation of programming puns. Everyone has those days where the thought of even opening a notebook to take notes makes you want to break down in tears. However, you can’t cry because if your computer is wet, you truly will have to re-code your life. Instead of constantly fighting those tears, pull out your notebook and have a good laugh. These notebooks are perfect gifts to give your friends a laugh, also. Maybe it’s the holiday party at work and you need to have the best gift for the gift exchange? These notebooks are bound to bring laughs and smiles throughout the whole office (well, maybe just the IT Department). Buy a notebook for your study buddy, professor, or the person who is always checking your code. We can’t guarantee your bugs – in code and life – will disappear with these notebooks, but at least they will make you laugh. Shift into full gear and control your future all while writing or drawing in this stylish notebook. Don’t miss out on these hilarious jokes.

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